Featured Engagements

RareWoman Radio

Angela Mozelle of New Beginnings Today is a featured guest on the Urban Broadcast Network’s RareRare Woman SquareWoman Radio program. As the resident certified life coach, on a monthly basis she inspires radio listeners across the nation with her messages of self-care and claiming choices that will improve your life. She also gives exciting samples of upcoming New Beginnings Today events! Tune in to hear her words of wisdom to better care for yourself on the third Friday of the month.

RareWoman is a local and national radio program hosted by sisters and businesswomen, LaRoya
and Vivienne. The program is a
 forum for conversation both dipped in worldly ideas and thoughts and draped in Godly faith and understanding. Whatever the topic La Roya and Vivienne each bring their own Rare Woman point of view. 

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Spotlite Radio

Angela Mozelle has been a featured guest on SpotlighSpotlite Radiot Radio where she discussed ways to establish a good routine for self care and explore the different avenues necessary to move toward a new beginning. 

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