The Empty Chair

Change is inevitable…

Where we begin is rarely where end up.

And the same is true for our loved ones – the family and friends that populate our lives.

Death, relocation, the departure of children embarking on their own life…

These losses and situational shifts can be devastating. And the resulting transition beyond heartbreaking.


To meet, and overcome, these challenges, New Beginnings founder, Angela Mozelle, launched The Empty Chair.

A support group for fellow travelers on the path toward acceptance of changing circumstances, The Empty Chair aims to confidently, courageously, and gracefully address the subject of loss.

These intimate, focused conversations will guide you to take charge or your situation, heal, and renew your spirit as you navigate the transition change has bestowed upon you.


For additional information or to join The Empty Chair, please contact Angela Mozelle: 310.673.3349 | [email protected]