Wellness Wednesdays: I Can Do This

It’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Many of us have heard “your word is your bond.” How serious are we when we tell someone we will do something? They believe and expect that we will.

Keeping our promise creates

  • respect
  • self worth
  • trust
  • reliability

Let’s lock “pinkies” and honor our word.

What Does Stress Have to Do With It?

We all know the basics. Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack — The Big Three.  Sometimes we are not aware of other ways or we don’t think of other ways stress may be affecting our bodies, our environment and our families and friends. Interestingly enough, stress is not new.  In earlier times, stress was delegated.  Yes, really.  Those who were in power and or authority passed on those stressful responsibilities and obligations to their “subordinates”, leaving them free of the worries of the duty or task. That’s not how we deal with stress today.  More stress has been created, and the number of people it impacts has grown tremendously. (remember when parents or staff did laundry, prepared meals, drove children to school) Today’s automated society has actually contributed to most of us doing more.  There’s an app for it.

Do you think it might be stress?

  • Skin breakouts, rashes or hives
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Emotional outbursts

The possibilities are favorable that these are signs of stress. How are we dealing with or how can we deal with the added stresses of our current lives as take on the roles of caregivers, empty nesting, babyboomers, lifestyle changes and more?

  • Time outs/ time management
  • Exercise and improved dietary changes
  • Relax often
  • Associate with positive people

As we start this new month, it’s another New Beginning for you to be the New You for the New Year. Get the support to make your life less stressful.  Take the time to do what works for you.  You matter.

Let me know how it goes.

Joy and light,


Sensational 60’s

Happy June. I have been celebrating my 60th year on planet earth since June 1st.  It has been wonderful.  Friends, family, clients, networking associates, and friends of friends have joined with me in the celebrations.  The cards, the calls, the gifts, smiles and warm greetings have touched me so deeply.  The celebrations have included cruises, concerts, lots of food and such special times.  Gratitude has taking on a new meaning.  My understand is enhanced.

The joy and warmth I have felt over the past couple of weeks is the joy and contentment I share with my family, friends and clients. Everyone deserves to feels special.  I have been reminded of that feeling. Thank you.

As we move on to more of summer.  I encourage you to take time for yourself.  No one is more deserving.  Life happens so quickly.  It was not so long ago, I was celebrating the fabulous 50’s.

My Sensational 60’s is including more time focusing on prioritizing more of what really works for me — boundaries, timeouts, self-care, breaks, just-being, meditation, exercise, travel, healthy choices in food, relationships and life.

As these focal points become more consistent and more persistent, life will unfold and manifest more magnificently. There will be more time for us to work together to make our desires our realities as we become more creative to realize our actualities.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.  Let’s do this together.

Joy and light,