I listen to one of Angela’s relaxation CDs when I feel stressed and need an instant pick me up.  It makes a difference in my life.

-Catherine J

You’ll find several different Caregiver Support and Life Coaching options, all of which will provide you with invaluable resources to assist you in caring for yourself. All of the sessions listed below are designed to help you to re-discover your true purpose, gain knowledge and a newfound passion for life. Each session incorporates companion materials including workbooks, journals and CDs for your review and future use.

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Coaching Club (group coaching) Session Title changes with each group

This is a telephone group meeting for 3 weekly, 60 minute sessions each month to focus on overcoming the issues of being the caregiver for your loved one. These are small groups of 6-8 sharing and discussing personal stories in a comforting and confidential atmosphere. This group is solution oriented. Participants have included sandwich generation, baby boomers, and empty-nesters. These sessions are content rich filled and result oriented.


New Beginnings for Beginners

This is a one-on-one telephone session for 3, 30 minute sessions to discuss and share the initial reactions and responses as a caregiver. This is the perfect initiation for the caregiver who has recently been introduced to the caregiving responsibilities and is not sure what is in store. The communication and connection allows this new caregiver to ease into and simplify the relationship as the caregiver.


Personally with New Beginnings

This is a more detailed conversation with coaching to immerse you into all the facets and phases of caregiving while moving toward specific goals and achievements in person, one-on-one with Angela, to improve the caregiving situation as the caregiver continually enhances and “stretches” to make the necessary adjustments in the quality of life for themselves and for their loved one.


Phone One-on-One

This can be the perfect arrangement for the caregiver who is continuing to wear many, many hats. Perhaps the caregiver is employed full time or has children at home attending school. This is 3 monthly 45 minute calls to share your caregiving strategies ”on the go”. The flexibility allows the caregiver to manage priorities with the ability to focus on you while achieving a more balanced life as the caregiver. Make the time to add more accountability to your life.

The ABC’s of Caregiving

The ABC’s of Caregiving – $12.95 – Download
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Hard Cover – $14.95 includes  ground delivery