Vacations for Caregivers

Vacation plans have been finalized for many families. Some have decided to take several short vacations during the late spring through early fall. Others have made the decision to take one long vacation for total rest and relaxation. As a caregiver, have you planned your vacation for this season? Will you take the time out with family? Would you prefer going to a new location as an adventure or to some place that is familiar? Did you decide to accept an offer from your friends? You do realize how important it is to take the time for yourself; right? It is a time for you to rejuvenate and reflect. There will be time to think about your caregiving situation. A vacation allows you to look more objectively at the caregiving scene with no distractions. Your thoughts will be more clear. You can make decisions about new strategies and techniques to enhance your caregiving journey. Remember to take some time to read, write, study and do some of those hobbies you have been postponing just because. Enjoy this time. You deserve it. This vacation can be used as a time of renewal for you. Let me hear about your vacation plans. Send some pictures of you on a real break.

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