Aging Parents

Can you remember the first time you thought your parents were old? How about in junior high when you requested they drop you off because they would be the only parents (ie oldest) attending the event? Don’t forget your college visits when your parents totally disagreed with your point of view?(because they were old) After settling into your career and reminiscing on something you vividly remember; your parents don’t recall or their version is quite different from yours? Have you noticed established routines changing — visiting familiar places, less participation in favorite activies? It’s not about our parents aging, but how we handle the situation. How is it affecting your life? Who is supporting you?br /What are you doing about it?

What kind of sandwich are you?

Some of the most popular sandwiches are the BLT, Sloppy Joe, Grilled Cheese and the all time favorite — Peanut Butter and Jelly. How does that affect you as a woman? Many of us are caught in the midddle of aging parents and young adult children. The BLT is the traditional and familiar family /BLT’s have the appearance of great family relationships with everyone being identified by specific roles. We will explore the others in the upcoming blogs. Ready to hear your opinions on what kind of sandwich you are to your family

Keeping it real

There is a lot of conversation going on about being authentic. In view of the recent deaths this past week, authenticity takes center stage. How important was it for Ed, Farrah and Michael to be authentic? Is that what their fans and the media expected? How easy is it for us to be true to ourselves? Is keeping it real really who we want to be?

Just my imagination

Are you paying attention to what you imagine? Do you catch yourself when you are “daydreaming”? Is your mind playing tricks on you, or really trying to get you to do something that you really want to or know you should do? Maybe it’s not “just your imagination” but the real you trying to get your attention. What if we really let our imagination run rampant for a day. What if …..