Songbirds and Summer

June brings songbirds and summer at last. This line from a grade school poem reminds us to be happy now. Are you doing something different for the summer; something that is inspiring to you; something that you really want to do? You know you can —br /just do it!! Who’s stopping you ??


How often do you realize you are a gift to the universe? Think of 10 qualities you possess that are just specific to you. No one else has it, or can do it the way you do. That is special. Don’t discount your talents? Remember the compliment, the smile, the wink. Others know you are a gift. Now it’s time for you to honor your gift and reciprocate what others already acknowlege. Gifts are special and so are you

No is the best answer

We often want to accommodate others — even when it is not convenient for us. Learning to say, “no”, has its rewards. Think of what can be accomplished when we are honest with ourselves. The more open and sincere we are with a “no”, the more responsive we can be to receive that which truly resonates with the real “you”.


Change comes bearing gifts. Think of any significant change that has occured in your life — now remember the good that accompanied that change. What kind of action do you want to take to bring about some necessary change in your life? Just think of the gifts that change will bring. It is worth the effort