New Roles for Caregivers

Many caregivers are parents, wives, husbands, sisters and brothers. They understand the responsibilities and comforts of those roles. As the children grow and leave the home, that role changes and the responsibility of parenting lessens or at least changes from the day-to-day hands on experience of having the children in the home.
As caregivers for our loved ones who are ailing or aging, we acquire an entirely new set of roles and learn to develop new skill sets.
Perhaps your wife for whom you have become the caregiver was the family accountant. You are learning to pay the bills, hire the assistants and balance the budget.
What happens when your husband took care of all the handyman chores of the household? Do you hire a gardener? What about an electrician or a plumber?
The caregiver’s concerns are not only about the care and well-being of the loved one, but now, there is the concern of who does what, how well do they perform their tasks, making new decisions.
These concerns can bring on extra stress and overwhelm in a caregivers life. Is it small stuff? Not to a caregiver.
Support groups and coaches are available to assist caregivers with these and other decision making choices. Remember, Caregivers Need Care Too.

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