Spring Cleaning for Caregivers

It’s spring time. Usually it’s a time for clearing some of the debris and warming, comforting accessories of winter. Spring cleaning for caregivers can be a time to eliminate the stress, worry, confusion and anxiety that may be a part of your caregiving household. Are you pushing the stress under the rug? What happens if you shake it out, place it outside for airing? Will you be more content, more satisfied? Do you want to store worry and frustration away for another season? How about strategies, tactics and skills to remove it? Spring can be a time of renewal for you as you are caring for your loved one. You can make room for the things in your life that really matter. Remember your hopes, your dreams and your desires. There are family members, friends and associates who want to listen to you; who respect your opinions and who just want you to take some time for yourself. Let’s make this spring your new beginning. Clear the path for more sunshine to come into your life. Bigger and brighter days lie ahead. Remember, Caregivers Need Care Too.

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