Self Care Journey

I remember watching Mrs. Lewis as I grew up. She was always “taken care of”. I never saw her unkempt. I wondered how she always managed to look so perfect even in the sweltering heat and humidity of the southern summers. Her schedule was no different from many of the other mothers in the community. She worked outside the home. She had two children. She participated in community events. She was just always polished. I never had the nerve to ask about her time management or secrets. I ventured back to this childhood place after 25 years. I attended an event. Mrs. Lewis was in attendance. She looked the same. Her pace a bit slower, her hair sprinkled with more silver. She was amazingly dressed. Was I surprised? No. Our outer is a reflection of our inner self. Mrs. Lewis is confident. As caregivers, how are we managing our inner lives? Let’s start with a special outfit for no special purpose today. Use your smile as the complimentary accessory.

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