The Final Stages of Caregiving

Your life as a caregiver is usually not planned. There are probably signs that are often ignored. It is so easy for us to live our lives in denial. Often this is not intentional. It just feels better, requires less attention and can be habit forming. Eventually we accept the role of caregiving. The challenges and rewards are a part of that journey. Sometimes we reach out to others. Friends listen attentively to our stories. There is the occasional respite. We seek out support from groups and familiar organizations. We feel it is our responsibility and obligation to our loved ones. We become more and more drained and stressed as we fulfill these ongoing tasks. We begin losing focus. One day turns uneventfully into the next week and the following month. So much time has elapsed. We are no longer in touch with our friends. We have lost many of our connections; especially the self-connection. Where will we go, what will we do when this stage of our life concludes? Let me hear your thoughts? What are your plans for the final caregiving stages?

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