What Does Self Care Have to do with It?

by Angela Mozelle on September 29, 2016

self-care-reminderWhat does self care look like for you? We hear about it often. We even tell each other to take care of themselves as we think about our own self care. Does a self care routine matter?
Many of us are caring for others as we care for ourselves. If we don’t take the best care of ourselves, it becomes more of a challenge to care for those we love.
We are living longer. Let’s preserve our life with the self care we deserve. Perhaps that means getting to bed a little earlier at night (without aid from television and other gadgets)
How does exercise fit into your daily schedule? Parking a little farther from stores while shopping may be an easy way to start. Getting up to stretch during commercials is almost effortless. There is most likely an exercise, dance, yoga or pilates class near you. Call and sign up.
As we venture outside to breathe in the fresh air, we become a part of the natural beauty that exists and watching nature will inevitably invite some self movement.
Our eating habits also influence our self care. Are we getting adequate fresh fruits and vegetables? Are we willing to try new vegetables or even prepare our foods differently from our normal methods? Baking, stir fry, and even some raw foods are surprisingly appealing and appetizing.
Let’s remember to include relaxation. That might be taking regularly scheduled time-outs. When is the last time you took a personal day for the most important person in your life? This is your special time for you to unwind. (read a book, meditate, take a nap, listen to music)
Self-care matters. It is essential for us to live our lives to the fullest and for us to be the best we can be for ourselves and for those that matter in our lives.
New Beginnings offers support for self care through one on one coaching, grief support (The Empty Chair) accountability partners (Stay on the Path) and more. The focus really is on you because you matter.

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